BASTARD TURPIN is a image making partnership of Kai Bastard and Bill Turpin. Their projects exemplify an image’s ability to not only draw an audience’s attention, but tell a story, coax self-reflection, and inspire critical thinking.

They focus on creating controversial social messaging embodying a cross section of human observations surrounding sexual, political and emotional issues.These surreal, at times illusory images both shock and amuse, breaking through the everyday noise promoting discussion and encourage debate.

Individual Synopsis:

Kai Bastard

Bastard looks at the playful interlude between reality and surrealism. Bringing together individual elements that tell a richer visual story. Bastard’s work explores blending traditional creative direction with the digital space to create interactive and emotionally engaging experiences.

Bill Turpin

Turpin interests lie in provocative and emotional hand crafted visuals. Turpin is able to push the boundaries of the viewer putting them into a state of self reflection, denial or shock.